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Diesel Generators

Aston Electric 500kVA

Product Overview

Built specifically for heavy duty prime power applications, Aston Electric combines the efficiency and reliability of Japanese engine and alternator technology with a canopy and skid design developed in the harshest environments on earth. By employing worlds best practice manufacturing techniques, Aston Electric has achieved a perfect balance of safety, reliability and overall cost of life market leadership.

Major sites and fleet owners specify Aston Electric because they realise the true cost of electricity lies in fuel consumption and reliability of supply. Aston Electric machines cannot be beaten for fuel and servicing costs and their reliability and long operating life has been proven over three decades in the worlds harshest operating conditions.


  • Prime power rating – 450kVA / 382KW
  • Standby power rating – 500kVA / 427KW
  • Frequency – 50Hz
  • Voltage – 415 / 240


Many end users overlook the fact that over 90% of the cost of buying or renting a generator is fuel consumption. Even incremental savings in fuel burn translates into cost saving benefits that often
outweigh the total capital or rental cost. Aston Electric offers unrivaled fuel efficiency.

  • Komatsu SAA6D145E-3-B Diesel engine
  • Taiyo Alternator
  • Robust canopy for weather protection and sound suppression

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Deluxe Features as Standard

Bunded Fuel Skid Fork Pocket Base

Centre Lift Point

Emergency Stop

Lockable Battery Isolator

Lockable control panel and cabinet

Electrical Outlets (Optional)

Auto start & Paralleling options available

Fire Extinguisher

Earth Stake

External fuel connections

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