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Welcome to Rhino FSD

Australia’s most trusted Heavy Duty Generator Specialist

Rhino FSD is an independent, B2B focussed Diesel Generator supplier with a genuine national footprint. With both the scale to support major sites and customers and the independence to ensure we offer unbiased generator solutions, Rhino FSD proudly supplies generators to many of Australia’s largest Mining, Industrial, Construction, Rental and Government organisations. 

With in house Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Fabrication and Field Service capability, Rhino FSD is a genuine one stop supplier for fleet owners and sites that require customised solutions. With over 15 years experience servicing many of the largest sites and projects in the world. 

Rhino stands apart from other Generator suppliers by being 100% focused on power. it’s all we do and it’s all we have ever done. This focus enables us to attract the most experienced and capable technical and applications specialists in the country. Rhino FSD delivers value by delivering engineered solutions and ensuring your site has the right sized generators, with the most efficient, cost effective and efficient engine options on the market. 

With 12 branches nationally, Rhino FSD is one of Australia’s largest and most capable generator specialists.

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